This year’s conference provides more Campus Management product-related information and training than ever before.

Whether you are interested in recruiting, admissions, academics, financial aid, systems administration, or IT, you will find focused tracks with outstanding practical value for the way you work in the real world.

Powering Success through Professional Services

Powering Success is all about your success. Join implementation experts and client leaders sharing solutions to some of the most common business problems, best practices, tips and tricks. Sessions range from new functionality information, to rolling out applications enterprise-wide, to customization and automation of solutions to meet client unique expectations. Learn how Professional Services can help you maximize your use of Campus Management products and create efficiencies and gains at your institution. Business Solutions Optimization, Industry Consulting and Enterprise CRM Practices staff will be available to answer all your questions. Sessions to include tips and tricks, new Professional Service offerings, roundtable discussions, plus much more.

Managing Constituent Relationships with CRM

The sessions in this track are designed for all professionals using Campus Management’s CRM solution, including those involved with strategies to enhance institutional communications and relationship management. The sessions assume a working knowledge of constituent relationship management, and focus on actual client use of the solution, practical tips and techniques to accomplish your institution's desired outcomes.

​Technology, Innovation & Strategy

The Technology, Innovation & Strategy track provides a broad spectrum of technology and strategic planning topics for professionals working in any area of IT. Attendees will hear from client institutions on their innovative uses of Campus Management solutions, as well as updates on the technology roadmap, including new reporting technologies related to our data services and Power BI. Additionally this year, participants will find value in learning about the CampusNexus® architecture, including looking at the technologies that is driving the new web client capabilities.

Financial Aid, Stewardship and Compliance

This track provides you with key information in the areas of Financial Aid, Regulatory, and Student Accounts. This year’s sessions include an overview of the solution roadmap, an update on regulatory and compliance issues, and many client-led sessions focusing on FA Automation, Packaging Status Promotion, Formsbuilder 3.1 incorporating Workflow and more to attain better insight and improved tools for your institution to empower the success of your students and employees.

Finance & Human Resource Management

The Finance & Human Resource Management Track provides information for key administrators in multiple offices on campus. The sessions this year provide an overview of features in Campus Management’s software, including a demo, functional and technical information for the new CampusNexus® Finance, HR & Payroll solution. As part of this track, clients may schedule individual appointments with the Product Manager.

Managing the Student & Academic Enterprise

Sessions in the Managing the Student & Academic Enterprise Track provide information for professionals of all levels serving in the registrar, academic, academic/support services, and student success/retention and student services offices. Participants will learn what is new within the solution and what is planned on the roadmap. Many clients, as well as Campus Management product experts, will present tips and tricks sessions, the use of CampusNexus®sup> features, and ​the delivery of the new data warehouse and analytic options to help manage academics and gain the best ROI with the solution.

Adding Value with Partner Solutions

Campus Management’s Partner Network is comprised of companies offering solutions that add value and additional functionality to Campus Management’s suite of products. Learn how the Partner Network benefits our clients by helping to improve data continuity, operational efficiencies and ROI. Come see if a Partner Network solution is right for your institution.

Fundraising and Donor Management

The Fundraising and Donor Management Track provides information on new features delivered in the Talisma Fundraising solution, as well as those planned for the next year, with the primary focus being on practical and strategic uses of the solution to get the most out of your data and fundraising strategies. Many networking opportunities exist within these sessions as well as at other points during the conference.


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